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  Small businesses know the power of having personal relationships with customers. That personal touch leads to recommendations, referrals and word of mouth marketing for you: it's good for business. The B2B Business Pages website is designed specifically to help you achieve this easily.   There are lots of ways to find potential suppliers. But the leads we trust the most are the ones that come recommended by friends or family. Searching on the Web can be risky and often fruitless. B2B Business Pages will assist you to make informed decisions about which businesses to use by providing access to seller profiles and ratings.  
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B2B Business Pages for Traders

Not just a directory but the online community that brings small businesses and individual sellers together with potential customers to do business.

Why not join B2B Business Pages today and take advantage of all the facilities that are available to members:-
  • Comprehensive directory listing
  • Individual web page
  • Live-Chat Service
  • Business resources and more...

Membership of B2B Business pages
FREE to companies in the
United Kingdom.

What can B2B Business Pages do for my company?
As a member you will be able to:-
Use your directory entry to show a complete profile of your company and its products and services, you can describe your company and what it does in full detail and display your company logo.

You can:

  • Include a link to your company website
  • Exchange emails
  • Advertise and sell from your Business Page
  • Get recommendations from other B2B users

You can also use the B2B Community to:-

  • Share your thoughts and ideas
  • Promote your products and services
  • Announce special offers & discounts
  • Get advice from other members
  • Post messages in the community forum

And that's not all...
As a member you will also be able to take advantage of the free Live-Chat system to stay in-touch with members and customers and even provide live customer support.

The benefits of membership far exceed those of any ordinary business directory, B2B Business Pages is an on-line community, that can help you promote your company in a way you have not previously been able to, helping you reach more customers and provide an even better service.

Don't wait - Don't miss out - Join Today

B2B Business Pages for Consumers

This is not just another directory but a business community. Within these pages you will find listings of business' but with a difference.

The listings here are comprehensive and provide you with much more than just a company name and address, here you will find details about the company, their products and services, all their contact details and a rating.

Choosing a business to do work for you is always difficult so all our registered business' are rated based on personal recommendation so that you can tell at a glance whether or not you feel confident enough to engage them.

If you become a B2B registered consumer you'll also be able to take advantage of the members discounts offered by participating traders. And eligible to receive our newsletter containing a wide range of useful information for consumers.

Ratings are provided by other traders and consumers. If you use a company listed here and find them to be a company you would recommend - you can! Simply drop us a line by clicking here and tell us about the company you would like to recommend and we'll adjust their rating accordingly.

On the other hand you may wish to complain - in which case you should write to us by clicking here and we'll contact the company, give them the opportunity to redress the balance and if they do not do so to your satisfaction once again we'll adjust their rating accordingly.
How the ratings system works:-
Rating Pending
Positive Rating
Negative Rating

B2B Business Pages - Helping Consumers

Registered members discounts
Once you register you will get a membership number that you can use to obtain discounts from member traders on a whole range of products and services.
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Be Part of The B2B Community

If as a registered consumer have any suggestions or ideas as to how we can improve this website and the services it provides then please write and tell us.

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